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Baby on Board: 10-Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Dream Baby Shower

Baby on Board: 10-Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Dream Baby Shower

Welcome, fabulous MAMA TO BE, to the world of Baby showers, where onesies meet glamour and pacifiers get a touch of pizzazz! Planning a baby shower for a first-time mom should be nothing short of extraordinary. Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey of glitter, giggles, and glamorous baby bumps!

  1. "Mom-to-Be Vibe Check"

Before you take a pinterest deep dive of baby themes, cupcakes, and diaper cakes, take a moment to figure out your personal style and the type of experience you want have for yourself, and your guest and don’t forget about Dad to be!  Are you a chic mama, a boho goddess, or perhaps a whimsical mermaid or hip hop dreamer? Understanding your event vibe is the secret sauce to planning a shower that truly reflects you!

  1. "Theme It Up, Sis!"

Every memorable shower starts with a killer theme. From enchanted garden soirées to club vibe- retro-inspired affairs, choose a theme that makes you squeal with delight. Pro tip: If you’re into something unique like anime or sports adventures, run with it! This your world baby were just living in it!

  1. "Décor Drama"

Elevate the ambiance with decor that tells a story. Think plush florals, whimsical banners, and personalized touches. And yes, a sprinkle of glitter never hurt nobody.

  1. "Sweet Treats & Nibbles"

A baby shower without delectable treats is like a cupcake without frosting—simply unacceptable! Consider a mix of sweet and savory delights that match the theme. And don't forget a showstopper statement cake!

  1. "Games with a Sassy Twist"

Break out of the baby shower game monotony. Opt for activities that are both entertaining and Instagram-worthy. Bonus points if they make the mom-to-be laugh so hard she forgets about the impending diaper changes and sleepless nights. Pro tip: This is a great way to get the Dad to be and his posse involved. Besides who doesn’t like a little friendly competition.

  1. "Glamorous Gift Registry"

Mom you deserve the best, darling! Ensure the registry is filled with items that make life easier, plus a few glamorous splurges from you and Dads favorites shops. Who said strollers and gift cards can't be stylish?

  1. "Fancy Favors"

Send guests home with favors that make them say, "Oh, baby!" Think beyond the traditional and opt for something unexpected. Perhaps custom-scented candles, cookies or coffee mugs, personalized gifts are always a hit! Pro tip:

As the soirée wraps up, send guests off with Thank you boxes that make them feel like royalty. Include a thank-you note, a photo moment, or perhaps a pampering treat. Just a little piece of something to take home from an event to be remembered!

  1. "Signature Mocktails & Cocktails"

Toast to the Blessing on the way with a drink menu that's both tasty and photo-worthy. Mocktails for the momma to be and fab cocktails for everyone else. Cheers! Create signature HIS and HERS cocktails inspired by the shower theme or parents to be!

  1. "Photo-Ready Moments"

Create spaces that scream 'Instagram-able.' A stunning flower wall, a lavish balloon arch, or even a DIY photo tunnel with theme props that make guests feel like VIP’s on a Hollywood red carpet.

  1. " Hire your Baby Shower Pro"

Our design professionals understand the importance of curating this special day and the essentials need for you to feel beautiful, stress free, and relaxed knowing a professional is handling all the details.

Now darlings, you understand planning a baby shower is an art form. Channel your inner event design guru, and let's turn this celebration into a page straight out of Vogue! Are you ready to begin working with our Style House Events design team!  Leave a message to share your dream baby shower ideas. Send us a message to begin planning!

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