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How We Transformed a Blank Art Studio into: a Fireside Chat, Networking space + community

Wondering how to plan your next networking event in Boston? See how we transformed Somerville's BFAC into a Fireside Chat Panel and networking event!

We Scouted Boston figurative Art Center in Somerville the perfect warehouse space with eclectic art and sculptures ready to be transformed bringing our creative ideas to reality. This space can hold up to 150 people has multiple functional areas, perfect for redesigning for any occasion.

We collaborated with Casitalola Cuisine & Azucar! Sugar Bar to curate a menu featuring a selection of delicious, healthy appetizers, desserts and sweet pastries.

Each mouthful serves up a carnival of tastes, from sizzling empanadas to mingling with shish kabobs! Our guests were in for a treat that sparks conversations and pure joy!

We greeted each guest personally upon arrival, providing them with a roadmap to the experience. Our activities were designed to encourage interaction, open conversations, and help guests feel at ease as they mingle.

The Invest in Yourself: Fireside Chat was designed with a clear purpose and goal in mind, creating an experience that not only facilitated connection but also ensured that attendees felt acknowledged, heard, and valued within the event community, both during and after the event.

Our goal was to design a space that was masterly infused with simplicity, elegance, positivity and excitement! Dressing cocktail tables with gold sequins, paisley embellished linens And White Garden Rose centerpieces creating a chic, cozy stage environment for the panelists to have authentic conversation and genuine connections with the audience.

Hosting a networking event does come with his challenges, but. creating the space where others can thrive and be seen. That's the real reward.

Book a consultation with our Boston event planning team to explore opportunities for working together to create a community at your upcoming networking event!

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