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Slush Italian Ice Mobile Bartending Service in Boston, MA


Take your event to the next level!


Corporate Event Services

At Style House Events, we believe that every event is a canvas waiting to be painted with unforgettable memories. We offer a wide range of services tailored to make your event stand out.

  • Event Planning and Design

  • Festival and Concert Services

  • Social Event Planning

  • Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing


Let us transform your vision into reality with our innovative event designs concepts and captivating decor, ensuring a truly memorable event.

Our experienced team meticulously plans every detail to ensure a seamless and stress-free event execution, leaving you free to enjoy and engage with your guests.

We have partnered with the best industry vendors to source the most luxurious collection of event rentals, from elegant furniture to vibrant neon marquee lights to custom, props, adding that extra flair to enhance your event.

Our services are ideal for a multitude of occasions

Brand Activations & Product Launches

Make a lasting impression by incorporating our creative elements to showcase your brand and products in a unique and engaging way.

Experiential Events

Create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience, driving your brand message home.

Holiday Parties & Gala Events

Add a touch of elegance and festivity to your gatherings, making them truly exceptional and memorable.

Employee Retreats

Foster team bonding and create an environment of creativity and collaboration with our tailored event experiences.

Grand Openings

Make a grand entrance into the market by incorporating our creative event design and decor services to set the perfect tone for your business launch.

Slushy Social Corporate -boston team Building Offers

Welcome to the Slushy Social Experience: Elevate Team Morale & Unity!

At our Slushy Social mobile bar service and events, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and refreshing way to boost team morale and foster team building within your organization. Imagine a world where slushies, creativity, and camaraderie collide to create unforgettable team experiences!

Friends karaoke

Sip, Sing, and Celebrate: Slushy Karaoke Extravaganza

Embrace the limelight and let your team's inner rockstars shine during our Slushy Karaoke event. Sip on our flavorful slushies as you belt out your favorite tunes, creating a harmonious and entertaining atmosphere that strengthens team bonds.


Slushy Bingo & Networking: Chilling and Connecting

Our Slushy Bingo and Networking event provide the perfect platform to break the ice and spark meaningful conversations. Sip on a slushy while engaging in friendly competition, networking, and building essential professional relationships.

Image by Growth + Co.

Brain Freeze & Brilliance: Slushy Trivia Olympics

Ignite your team's intellect and have a blast with our Slushy Trivia Olympics! Sip on slushies as you compete in mind-boggling trivia challenges, enhancing knowledge sharing and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Friends at Bar

Cool Insights & Frozen Fun: Team Trivia Delight

Delve into a world of frozen fun and fascinating facts with our Frozen Trivia event. Enjoy a brain freeze from our delicious slushies while testing your team's knowledge, promoting friendly competition and team unity.

Group Lecture

Slushy Scavenger Hunt Adventure: Chill, Seek, and Win

Embark on a Slushy Scavenger Hunt, a lively adventure filled with excitement and teamwork. Sip on slushies as you decode clues, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden treasures, reinforcing collaboration and problem-solving skills

Image by Ori Song

Frosty Relay Race: A Cool Dash Towards Victory

Fuel your team's competitive spirit with our Frosty Relay Race. Sip on slushies, pass the baton, and sprint towards victory, instilling a sense of unity, determination, and shared achievement.

Limbo Dancers

Limbo & Laughter: Slushy Limbo Showdown

Unleash the laughter and loosen up with our Slushy Limbo Showdown. Sip on slushies and compete in a limbo contest, showcasing flexibility and creating a lively and joyful atmosphere for team bonding.


Craft Your Own Slushy Social: Tailored for You!

You have the creative reins to design a Slushy Social experience that embodies your company's spirit and culture. Tailor the event to suit your preferences, select the flavors that resonate with your brand, and curate a memorable occasion that aligns with your team's values and goals.

At Slushy Social, we believe in the power of a refreshing slushy and a vibrant team spirit to elevate your workplace dynamics. Come join us for an extraordinary, ice-cold journey of Boston team building and unity, where slushies become the catalyst for a happier, more connected team!

Slush Italian Ice Mobile Bartending Service in Boston, MA
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